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“The tenth notebook”, of same size as its predecessors, consisted of instructions for S.Romashko. Before S.R.’s arrival to the scene of action it was buried under leaves behind a snag on a clearing opposite a “woodsman cabin”-type building. Besides that, on the front wall of the tightly shut house  there was a framed photograph picturing a kettle on A.M.’s balcony in Moscow (this kettle was used during the action “To I.Makarevich”). Under the photograph there was a small cardboard card with an image of “old man” cut from the box of a computer game “Return to Zork”. By the house’s back side, near the cellar door a white box was buried, with a similar image on its upper side, containing two ropes, purple and yellow.

According to the instruction, S.R. was supposed to:

  1. Find the notebook buried under leaves behind the snag (this one is preliminary instruction not included in the set contained in the notebook).

  2. Find the box with ropes.

  3. Tie one of the ropes to the snag and drag it outside the camera’s visual sector (almost all the actions were recorded to a camera installed by S.Romashko).

  4. Take the kettle picture off the wall.

  5. Attach the card with “old man” image to a board lying next to the place where the snag had been dragged (this third card with “old man” was attached to the notebook’s third page).

  6. Moving to the guidelines of the scheme on page 6 of the notebook, find the wheel of a car residing by the road.


S.Romashko followed all the instruction, although he did so in random order (see S.R.’s narration).





A. Monastyrski, S. Haensgen, S. Romashko

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