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171. MONDRIAN (Two supplements)

1. 6.08. 2023 we went via Yaroslavsky railway station to the Yauza station, there we went along the path on the right side of the tracks back, to the south and at a group of interesting trees we turned left, to the east, went straight, crossing the clearing with power lines, turned right onto a small path, to the south ( on the way back at this turn, I stuck a yellow pin on the left tree, a blue pin on the right one, we got the “gate” of the entrance to this path), we went deep into the forest and where the path ends, I stuck a piece of paper (14 x 7 cm) on the tree featuring a painting by Mondrian and a portrait of American Olympic runner Malvin Greston Whitfield. Dasha determined the coordinates of this place by GPS on her watch: 55.825894, 37.677251. Then we walked across Losiny Ostrov “Along the Yauza” and to Tanuki on Academician Lyulka Square.

(The action was supposed to be part of the action No. 169 SLOGAN-2023 as a supplement to it)

2. 1.08. 2023 in the Shchutsky forest, among the objects of action No. 160 THREE PORTRAITS still existing on the trees, on a thin tree, I attached a piece of paper (18 x 10 cm) with portraits of three members of the Tangerine Dream band of 1974 - Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, Peter Baumann. Initially, it was assumed that the information carrier and video of this micro-action would not be a list of actions of the KD in the 15th volume of the TOT, but only a video embedded in the middle of my next video recording “From the window on Tsander street”:

2023 August 5th From the window to Zander with TNGRN DRM and 94 passers-by

00:00 - jvc camera, long shot

36:33 - bus number 585

39:59 - in the forest of Shchutsky

48:00 – Bridge Of Transcending

49:28 - "Red snake"

51:51 - Tangerine Dream, 1974

59:49 - sony camera, close-up

01:00:30 – EMPTY, dehumanized

01:02:32 - No. 1, the first passerby, and then the numbers of passers-by until No. 94

(No. 55 drags his jacket on the ground)

01:36:40 - bus number 585

01:43:29 - pre-reception DING AN SICH

Total video duration 1 hour 44 minutes 23 seconds

1.08. - 6.08. 2023

Shchutsky Wood, Losiny Ostrov

A. Monastyrsky, D. Novgorodova

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