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172. WRAPPING OF THE PEG WITH SILVER CORD (The Northern Bypass of Lobnya by way of mushroom hunters)

When we arrived at the Kievogorskoe field, we found that the highway Northern Lobnya Bypass (NLB) under construction had already crossed our Heidegger-Hagen clearing, and the three birches of the "KD altar", between which we had been making actions since 2003, had been cut down together with the surrounding trees. However, the peg between the birches (their stumps), left by the iron turtle, survived, although it was bent. Sitar straightened the peg, after which it was wrapped with silver cord (100 meters long with a diameter of 1 mm), and on the surfaces of the stumps of the birches we attached two portraits: of K. Marx and L. Tolstoy.
Then, entering the forest from the south-eastern side (from the Kievogorsky field) and moving northward, we attached 18 more portraits (of L. Tolstoy, C. Darwin, K. Marx and F. Douglas) to the trunks of trees, placing them at the roots, as if taking into account the angle of mushroom hunters looking down at the ground in search of mushrooms.
After walking northward through the forest for about 408 meters (if you take the straight line on the google map), a second portrait of F. Douglas was attached to a tree in the forest in the Library clearing (over the surviving sticker-laminate of the cover of the book "The Theorist" buried in the Heidegger-Hagen clearing; it is not known whether it survived in the ground of the clearing, which was overturned by the NLB construction).

16.8. 2023
Forest east of Kievogorskoe field and Heidegger-Hagen clearing
А. Monastyrsky, S. Sitar, O. Sarkisyan, D. Novgorodova, M. Konstantinova

Yellow circle - approximate location of the action with the peg

дырка от штыря с текстом для сайта_edited.jpg
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