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The invited guests gathered at a snowy field’s verge. For the next 7 minutes N.Panitkov was running to and from across the field at various speed and directions, stopping and falling from time to time. Finally he stopped and stood in the middle of the field with his hat in hands for 3 minutes. Meanwhile the viewers were given replicas of a 15th century Chinese artist Fen Xi “Looking at a waterfall”. Later it became apparent that Panitkov’s footprints on the snow duplicated the picture’s pattern.


Moscow region, Yaroslavskaya railway line, Tarasovka station.

12th February, 1981.

N.Panitkov, A.Monastyrki, N.Alexeev, G.Kizevalter, S.Romashko, I.Makarevich, E.Elagina.

V. Nekrasov, N.Abalakova, S.Gundlakh, G.Berstein, A.Anikeev, Yu.Albert, A.Zhigalov, N.Kozlov, I.Yurno +others.

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