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Invitation papers distributed prior to the action offered to visit “Lieblich”. Before the audience’s (20 persons) arrival an electric gong was buried in snow and stayed there ringing even after viewers and participants left the field.


Moscow, Izmaylovskoe field,

2nd April, 1976

A. Monastyrski, N. Alexeev, G. Kizevalter.

St. Andre, O. Etingof, N. Panitkov, V. Gribkov, R. and V. Gerlovin, O. Yakovlev,
L. Merkushova’s father, L. Merkushova, V. Veshnevsky, V. Skersis, A. Anikeyev,
I. Pivovarova, V. Miturich-Khlebnikova, M. Konstantinova +5 other.

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