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A group of viewers was met by the action’s organizers at a trolley bus stop “Pushkinskaya ulitsa”. When all the invitees gathered at the stop, they were prompted to take a ride on the trolley bus. After traveling from one bus stop to another, the viewers received paper cards with inscriptions: “WE’RE LEAVING AT THE NEXT STOP. Collective Actions”. After getting off the trolley bus at the next stop (“Kozitsky pereulok”), the viewers met other organizers who had been waiting there and received paper envelopes with inscription that said: “THE EXIT took place on the 20th of March, 19843, at 12:24 in the afternoon (handwritten). Thank you for your cooperation”. The cards were then put inside the envelopes.

Moscow, Pushkinskaya street.

20th March, 1983.

A.Monastyrski, G.Kizevalter, S.Romashko, N.Alexeev, N.Panitkov, E.Elagina.

I.Kabakov, I.Bakstein, I.Nakhova, S.Hangsen, V.Mironenko, A.Zhigalov, N.Abalakova, V.Nekrasov, E.Gorokhovsky, A.Anikeev, Yu.Albert, A.Filippov, V.Zakharov, N.Kozlov,L.Talochkin, S.Gundlakh +14 others.

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