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24. GROUP – 3

A group of viewers met near metro station Rizhskaya and was brought to a nearby square, some 50 meters away from the point of meeting. There the viewers received envelopes with inscriptions saying “GROUP – 3 was assembled on the 24th of April, 1983, at 13:24 (handwritten). Collective actions”. Inside each envelope there were two photographs of groups of viewers taken at actions “The Halt” and “The Exit”, labeled respectively “Group-1” (date) and “Group-2” (date). When the envelopes were labeled, two organizers stood on the group’s left and right holding sketch-boards with letters (“GROUP” on the left board and “3”). A group photo was taken inside this “framework”.


Moscow, Rizhksy train terminal square.

24th April 1983

A.Monastyrski, G.Kizevalter, N.Panitkov, S.Romashko, N.Alexeev.

I.Kabakov, D.Prigov, L.Rubinstein, L.Talochkin, S.Bordachev, I.Bakstein, V.Mironenko, I.Pivovarova, I.Chuikov, S.Gundlakh, A.Anikeev, Yu.Albert, S.Mironenko +5 others.

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