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Prior to the performance two balls of silver foil were crafted. The process of their making was determined by requirements of soundtrack produced in the course of subsequent action. The first ball was shaped as a result of winding a strip of foil off the reel (length 30 meters), in order to find out how much time it takes to wind off a whole reel. This period of time (4 minutes) was occupied on the tape by instructions and minimal sound effects, proceeding to the sound of rustling of another foil reel that later became the second ball.

The third ball was manufactured at the place of action by Georg Witte. He was prompted to lie down on his back, pull unreeled foil and crumple it.

The process of pulling the foil was accompanied by listening (through earphones) to the first half of obtained soundtrack. The second half of this record (rustling of foil) was listened to by the third participant in the same position, this time with the third ball lying on his chest.

The meaning of this action – namely the making of the third ball – became apparent to its participants only in its final phase: the soundtrack (Sabina listened to it through second pair of earphones) ended with words "Journey to the countryside for the third silver ball for Sabina is over".

It was raining heavily in the course of the whole action.


Moscow region, Belorusskaya railway line, "Romashkovo" station

21st of June, 1983

A.Monastyrski, G.Kizewalter

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