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28.   SILVER TORUS  (For Todd Bludeau)

The action’s participants met T.Bludeau by the entrance to Botanical garden and brought him to a small clearing in the garden’s distant corner. There he was prompted to lie down on his back, his nape on the end of a silver foil strip. He was to start rolling over by command, in order to reach the other side of the clearing. In the course of such movement foil wound around his face, so each time he happened to be lying on his back, one of the participants pierced a hole in the foil with his finger (before starting, Todd was told to open his mouth every time he turned over).

When the whole strip of foil was wound on Todd’s head and all its layers were pierced so that he could breathe and speak through the hole, two action’s organizers sat beside him and began improvising (N.Panitkov on khomuz (Jewish harp), A.Monastyrski on flute). Immediately after they began, Todd was given a can with dried corn (as means of percussion), which was a (pre-arranged) signal for him to join in the improvisation. When improvisation was over, organizers took the foil ball with a hole off Todd’s head and used it to make a silver torus.


Moscow, Botanical garden

2nd of August, 1983

A.Monastyrski, N.Panitkov, I.Makarevich, G.Kizewalter

00:00 / 04:32

Tin foil wrapper man


I’m a plastik foil man

I’m a wrapped up in foil

And I’m in a field

And I don’t know where I am

I’m a tin foil wrapper man


I don’t know where I am

I’m so hot

I think I’m in the middle of black hole

I hear these ethereal sounds coming from beyond

And I don’t know where I am

I’m a plastik wrapper man


These sounds are all around me

I can not see anything

Who is around me

I know they comfort me

But I don’t know

I’m a tin foil wrapper man


Richard Schwartzkogler’s got nothing on me


These sounds that I’m hearing

They’re so lovely

I can’t move

I’m trapped inside my plastik tin foil

And I might be here for a century


O creatures of the forest

O plants in the field

Come and play with me

And take a look at me

I’m here in this field with you

Somewhere, somewhere behind a tree


O plastik wrapper man

O tin foil man

Can you tell us the secrets of the universe if you can

I hear resonanse

From the field residents

And I think they’re up going to raise the rents


Tin foil man, can you roll around the field

Do you know your axis of inclination

I am somewhere on vektor delta force field

And I can compute my angle if I know where I am

O tin foil man

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