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The audience was brought to the bank of river Klyazma several meters upstream from the location where we set afloat “The balloon” in 1977 (see volume 1 of “Going to the country”).

As soon as the viewers came, G.Kizewalter who was sitting on the opposide side of the river emerged from bushes, undressed, set afloat a cellulose-packaged picture (185x125 cm), put on it his belongings and swam across the river, pushing the picture before himself.

Three other participants then took the picture and established it on a small hill between the river and the audience, facing the latter. As soon as cellulose had been removed, it became clear that it represented a magnified graphic copy (painted by Kizewalter) of a color slide by A.Abramov “Balloon in the forest” made during the action “The Balloon”.

The picture was immediately dismounted, canvas removed from stretcher and rolled, the stretcher then disassembled.

17 (of 30 total) viewers received factographic material of the action in the form of a black-and-white photocopy of the same slide.

Besides that, prior to the audience’s arrival on its left at a distance on a hill an electric battery-powered bell was put into a small blue box and switched on. From the audience’s position it was impossible not only to hear the ringing sound, but also to see the box itself, as it looked like a small blue point melting into the background.


Moscow region, Gorkovskaya railway line, station Nazaryevo

10th July, 1988.

A.Monastyrski, G.Kizewalter, N.Panitkov, E.Elagina, I.Makarevich, M.Chuikova, St.Andre.

V.Pivovarov, P.Pepperstein, I.Bakshtein, V.Sorokin, I.Nakhova, A.Zhigalov, N.Abalakova, S.Anufriev, Aime Hansen, A.Alchuk, M.Ryklin, M.Chuikova, S.Volkov, J.Gambrel, the Kopystyankys, N.Kozlov, Yu.Leiderman +10 persons.

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