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In a forest not far away from park Abramtsevo in Moscow region, over a wood trail at approximately 2 meters’ height and 5 meters from each other, 10 sheets of green cardboard (100x67 cm) were strung up in a row. Before that the action’s participants had cut from each sheet a circle of 57 cm in diameter.

After stringing up the cardboards and reaching the Moscow circular road (Yaroslavskoe highway access) by car, the participants laid down the first circle previously cut in the forest next to the road’s outer rim. Then, according to a pre-marked map, the other 9 circles were distributed along the whole road (108 kilometers) at an aproximately similar distance from each other.

Therefore, the total range of the installation, which took 7 hours to accomplish, constituted approximately 108 kilometers.


Moscow region, Yaroslavskoe highway, Abramtsevo, Moscow circular road

27th August 1988.

N.Panitkov, E.Elagina, A.Monastyrski, G.Kizewalter, S.Haensgen.

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