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64.  TO D. A. PRIGOV   (The secret oak-grove)

The participant (Prigov) and the action’s organizers (S.H. and A.M.) met at VDNKh metro station and took a trolley bus to the Botanical garden’s main gates. After approaching the eastern corner of the fence surrounding an oak grove, A.M. with a folder in his hands containing sheets from Prigov’s book “The catalogue of abominations” scaled up to size A2 detached himself from the group and while walking along the northern side of the oak grove rolled the sheets and put them on tops of the fence’s poles (each 100 meters approx.). This action was performed on the whole outer perimeter of the secret oak-grove’s fence and involved all 20 pages of the book.

After A.M’s having put on the first roll on the fence’s pole, Prigov and Haensgen followed behind him. Prigov took the rolls off the poles, unfolded them and read the verses aloud in front of S.H.’s video camera,

When the last sheet of the compilation was taken off (near the eastern corner of the grove, where the movement started), A.M. fixed the pages between two black cardboard sheets (the “front page” side was marked with an inscription “To D.A.Prigov”) and handed the such crafted big black notebook over to Prigov.


Moscow, Central botanical garden


 S.Haensgen, A.Monastyrski.

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