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66.  THE OPENING  (to N. Panitkov)

After reaching a place “where no hangars can be seen” in a field (see “Means of a sequence” action), A.M. and S.H. handed over to Panitkov a black notebook and a big plastic apple. After shouldering a backpack with a tape recorder inside (the recorder was set to playing back pre-recorded by A.M descriptional texts about “KD”, in that particular case the action “Music inside and outside”), Panitkov headed towards the hangars on the opposite side of the field. Before proceeding to another section of his route he tossed the apple, approached it, picked up, then tossed again and again, thus approaching the location in front of the hangars where he was supposed to stop (anywhere according to his own will, but as closer to the hangars as possible). After reaching the selected point he replaced the tape in his recorder for a clear one and after setting the recorder to recording mode began looking through the notebook, at the same commenting its content to the recorder’s microphone. The notebook consisted of a cover page on which Panitkov was to mark the title of the action described on the tape at the moment when he approached the location – it turned to be the description of the “The Gunshot” action. The cover page was followed by several photocopied A2 sheets from Lokeli Chandra’s book “Esoteric iconography of Japanese mandalas” (India, 1971). On the last page there was a factographic form to be filled in with the action’s timeline at different stages and signed by the participants.

Prior to looking through the notebook Panitkov was supposed to take the plastic apple to 3 pieces (as it was made of sections) and to scatter them, but in the course of action he did so after looking through the notebook.

After replacing again the tape with descriptional texts and switching the recorder to playback mode, he put the recorder into backpack, shouldered the backpack, took the notebook and returned to his initial position by the video camera. There the notebook was signed by all three participants, fastened at the right side with clamps (so that it couldn’t be opened without unfastening the clamps) and handed over to Panitkov.


Kiovogorskoe field


A. Monastyrski, S. Haensgen

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