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On the floor of a Catholic church of St.Anna (Munich) St.Andre and A.M. performed an unfinished session of a Tibetan game “Journey to Nirvana”. St.Andre played with a bronze eagle figurine, while A.M with a tiny colored model of a Greek church. The game’s results (positions of the figures’ movements) were registered in a special notebook consisting of 4 stitched sheets of photocopied photographs of A.M.’s work “Breathing and hearing”. After the game the two game fields were folded to form an A3 notebook and given to St.Andre together with an inserted A4 notebook with registered positions of the figures’ movements.

Prior to the action onto the reverse side of one of the game fields a page with description of “The Opening” action was glued. Later it became the front page of Steffen’s notebook, while onto the reverse side of the front page there was glued a photograph of the same action picturing Panitkov in “the area of non-recognition” on the snowy Kievgorodskoe field.




A. Monastyrski, S. Haensgen

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