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A black A2 notebook with a colored label on cover (scene from a computer game “Return to Zork” picturing a bridge over river with red arrow post pointing in dead-end choice when the character is drowned and the game is over) was given to S.Anufriev and M.Chuikova for “Medgermenevtika” with a request to fill in empty sheets of the notebook during their travels and then return it to S.H. in Bochum. Besides the sheets, inside the notebook there also were several black and white fractal patterns, B/W replica of Meister Francke’s “The Birth of Christ” (circa 1430), and also covered with a white sheet (tied to the sides of back cover with paper clips) a portrait of Stephan George. With pressing the sheet to cardboard cover the portrait can be seen as a white contour.


Date of handing over the notebook: 1.03.1994 (Bochum)

Date of return: 22.10.1994 (Cologne)

S. Haensgen, A. Monastyrski

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