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For Nikolai Panitkov

On the grounds of the museum “Situation Art,” we asked N. Panitkov to color in
(with a golden marker) two circles on two tables out of a booklet for the computer
game “Dragon’s Breath” (“Palace” Edition) which we had enlarged and formatted
in a certain way. After that, Panitkov walked to a square glass plate located in a
meadow in the back part of the museum grounds. On this glass plate, on a stand
made out of a round tin box decorated with pictures of ducks, stood a big chocolate
hare wrapped in gold foil.
In line with the instructions, Panitkov unwrapped the hare, ate as much chocolate
as he could, and wrapped the rest in silver foil from the tin box with the ducks. The
golden foil however he put into a plexiglass box and tied it with the bow that had
been decorating the hare.
(The exhibition “Situation Art in the MANI-Museum” was realized by
A.Monastyrski in the MANI-museum near Lobnia in June and July 1992 on the
basis of this action’s materials.)

Bochum, 4.13.1991
A. Monastyrski, S. Hänsgen, G. Witte

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