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For Pavel Peppershtein. Continued

On a field not far from Ruhr-University, we asked Pavel Peppershtein to kneel down (on a special carpet) in front of a video camera and read the Russian folk fairy tale “The Goat.” Between the pages of the book were inserted photocopies of four pages from Wu Cheng’en’s novel, Journey to the West. These were the same pages as the ones included in the brochure of the video cassette VDNKh (Tunicata). Peppershtein read the tale together with the excerpts from Journey to the West. Then he made two commentaries on the reading in front of the video camera: the first commentary at the place of action (on the video, one can see the field, the carpet in the foreground, and the building of the engineering sciences of the Ruhr-University in the background); and the second commentary on the street “Auf dem Aspei” beside a signboard next to the building containing the Hegel Archives.


S. Hänsgen, A. Monastyrski

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