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DARK ALLEY. For Nikita Alexeev

In the Essen alley, KD bags with the inscription "KD" in white letters on a red background were attached to branches on the lawn at intervals of 100 steps. Inside the bags were placed small cards in DIN A5 format. A poem by N. Alexeev from his action "10,000 steps" (March 1980) was glued to one side of the cards in German translation. S. Hänsgen and A. Obukhova walked along the alley and laid out the bags. N. Alexeev followed them at a distance of 100 steps and stopped at each bag, took out the card and wrote a new poem in Russian on each one. He put the cards with the inscriptions in a transparent plastic folder, and left the empty bags where they were. In total, there were 10 bags with the corresponding cards inside. The last bag was attached to the branch of a bush.

After the end of the alley was reached, all the cards were filled with new texts and put into a folder which was provided with a label bearing the title of the action and the signatures of all participants,

Essen, April 7, 2004.

Sabine Hänsgen, Alexandra Obukhova

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